Greater London as a cycling holiday destination? Don't frown! So long as you know how to avoid London's busy and truly hazardous main roads and keep to the amazingly traffic-calmed Thames Valley Route and its vicinity, you can enjoy a very special mini break or long weekend by bicycle in Britain's capital. There is no other place in England where you can find such a variety of landscapes and high number of famous landmarks on such short distances of each other. And yes, these routes can easily be cycled by families with children!

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A good guide is essential though. We take pride in providing you with our unique, fully continuous Cross-London traffic-calmed cycle route, taking you from Woolwich Ferry in the east to Windsor Castle in the west. This route allows you to take in the splendor of the great River Thames and its transformation from a wide estuary near the Millenium Dome/O2 Arena to an idyllic stream next to Hampton Court Palace.

Also featuring London's greatest parks, such as Greenwich ParkHyde ParkRichmond Park and Windsor Park, our route is extremely green! Naturally famous Central London landmarks as cycling under the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Westminster Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and Buckingham Palace are all included.

Ultimate sight-seeing from the bicycle and the ability to experience for yourself how various parts of the city link with each other make this London East-West cycle route a must for any cycling enthusiast. Find out more on the Cycling Dutchman Blog of the author, who has been welcoming Dutch cycling tourists on the route since 2011. More visual impressions in our You Tube video below. 

Our Cycling in London route contains:  

Route: Woolwich Ferry - Greenwich - Rotherhite - London South Bank (Tower Bridge) - Westminster - Hyde Park - South Kensington - Putney Bridge - Richmond Park - Kingston Upon Thames - Chertsey - Staines - Windsor Park - Windsor & Eton 

Total distance: 58 miles (94 km); cycle paths: 55%, quiet roads: 39%, roads with regular flow or possibly fast moving traffic: 4%, busy main roads with adjacent footpath: 2% 

Grading: Easy, some short climbs into parks. Sections Woolwich Ferry - Greenwich, Buckingham Palace - South Kensington, Kingston Upon Thames - Chertsey suitable for younger children. All other sections suitable for children who have completed Bikeability Level 2, providing you dismount on short busy sections, such at London Bridge Station (Tooley Street), Blackfriars Bridge Junction, Westminister Bridge and Parliament Square.  

Highlights: Thames Path, Thames Barrier, Millenium Dome/O2 Arena, Greenwich Park and Meridian, Tower Bridge, London Southbank, Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, South Kensington, Richmond Park, Kingston, Hampton Court, Weybridge-Shepperton Ferry, Runnymede, Windsor Park & Castle

Our Cycling in London route is part of our London-Land's End Cycle Route Book (costs £ 15.99 plus postage). This guide book provides great value for money, includes GPS-tracks and features many more regions other than just London!

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